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South Perth Bridge Club welcomes new members who support the Club's aims and agree to follow its Constitution, Bylaws and regulations.
Our club is affiliated to the Bridge Association of Western Australia (BAWA) and the Australian Bridge Federation (ABF). New members must nominate the Club or another affiliated bridge club, to which they belong, to be their �Home Club� for ABF/BAWA purposes.
A current member must nominate applicants. The one-off nomination fee of $30 and membership fees must be paid with the application form. These membership fees are pro-rated according to the time when your membership starts in the Club's fiscal year.
The application form is then posted on the club notice board for a minimum of two weeks before being considered by the Management Committee.

Payment details can be found here


Membership renewals are due from 1st January each year and must be paid by 31st January. Overdue payments may incur a $10 late fee. Unless renewed by the end of February, membership will be lapsed and table money will be charged at visitors' rates.
The current subscription rates are $70 for Home club members (which includes ABF/BAWA capitation fees of $37) and $33 for non-Home club members.


Pre-paid Table Money Tokens are only available to Club members and can be bought in batches of 10 (current members table money fee is $7, so $70 for 10 sessions). They save you and the Director from hunting for change on the day and reduce the amount of weighty coinage that must otherwise be carried to the bank.

You can order tokens in multiples of 10 (minimum 10) by the following methods:

 1. Electronic Funds Transfer (BSB 066124, Account No. 00920172). Use your surname and "tokens" as reference.

 2. Purchase from a session Director using cash or EFTPOS.

Tokens can only be used to pay normal session table money. They may not be used to purchase books, drinks from the bar or as part payment for competition fees.