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Our principal teacher is FISKE WARREN, who is recognised as one of Australia's top bridge teachers and is an Honorary Teaching Fellow of the Australian Bridge Federation. Since learning bridge from his grandmother as a child in England, he has been playing competitively for over 50 years and has been teaching the game for 40 years. He moved to Perth in 2008 and now inspires new bridge players in WA through his fun and enjoyable lessons.


An 8 week course is currently in progress. The next courses will be on:

MONDAY mornings starting Monday 8th July, 9.45 am to 11.45 am. The last lesson will be on 26th August.

WEDNESDAY evenings starting Wednesday 10th July 2024, 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm. The last lesson will be on 28th August.

MONDAY mornings starting Monday 30th September, 9.45 am to 11.45 am. The last lesson will be on 18th November.

WEDNESDAY evenings starting Wednesday 2nd October 2024, 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm. The last lesson will be on 20th November.

All these courses run for 8 weeks at a cost of $100. Participants can switch between Mondays and Wednesdays in any given week.

You are very welcome to come on your own or with a partner/friends. Tea, coffee and biscuits are included.

These lessons are suitable for complete beginners as well as those who want to refresh their basic knowledge. Fiske will first teach you how to play the game and then provide you with the knowledge and skills to bid and play the cards. Each week, you will build on your knowledge from previous weeks and full course notes will be provided. By the end of the course, students will have learnt the basics of the Standard American Bidding System and will be ready to play either among friends or in supervised sessions at the bridge club.

To enrol or make enquiries

Please contact Fiske Warren email: [email protected] telephone: 0435 152 003

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These lessons with Fiske Warren are designed to develop the skills of players in Supervised and Intermediate sessions.

The next 3 week course will run on Tuesday mornings in April

Tuesday 9th April (9.45am to 11.45 am): OPENER'S REBIDS

Tuesday 16th April (9.45am to 11.45 am): RESPONDER'S REBIDS

Tuesday 23rd April (9.45am to 11.45 am): STRONG OPENING BIDS

Each lesson will concentrate on how the auction can best be developed and the importance of knowing which bids are forcing, invitational or sign-off.

The cost of the course is $40 for all 3 lessons for $15 for individual lessons. Come on the day. No pre-booking needed.

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Two Monday Evenings 13th & 20th May at 7.00pm - 9.00pm

Cost $20 and please book via email to Jan at [email protected]



Supervised sessions are short sessions played in a relaxed atmosphere for people who have just completed beginners' lessons to help them develop basic skills and confidence to progress towards playing in intermediate sessions and ultimately in open sessions.

Players may ask for help with bidding and card play and may also consult their notes until such time as they feel able to play without support during the game.

It is anticipated that players will progress from supervised sessions to intermediate sessions within one or two years.

Members who have started playing in intermediate sessions would not be expected to continue playing in supervised sessions.

Cost:-Members $7, Visitors $10, Youth (under 26) $4. People who have just finished lessons at SPBC will receive free vouchers for two supervised sessions.

Players may come to these sessions without a partner if they don't have one. We can provide a partner for the session.

Mondays 9.15 am to 12.00 noon Supervisor: Lyndall Steed

Wednesdays 7:00 pm to 9.30 pm Supervisor: Martin Doran

Thursday afternoons 12.45 to 3.45pm Supervisor: Bill Symons